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About The Program

FORE School of Management has joined hands with World’s top-ranked University, University of California (UCR, ranked 121st in the World) to offer a program on Big Data and Data Analytics (Marketing Specialization). The program equips Marketing Professionals, Managers, Decision Makers, Research Scholars and Students with state-of-the-art techniques of predictive analytics. While the inner workings of these techniques like the engine under a car-hood can be very complex, yet understanding how they work and when to use them are conceptually simple and can render tremendous insights into customer behavior and market characteristics that business managers can use in framing their overall Marketing Strategy. This Program is Project oriented—Every analytical model that we build has an accompanying project using real data from Industry.

Participants have the option to complete only the 120 hours program (Option I) or the full 150 hours (120+30 hours) program (Option II). Those completing 120 hours program (Option I) will be awarded Certificate in Big Data and Data Analytics (Marketing Specialization) from FORE School of Management and those completing additional 30 hours at UCR (total 120+30 hours program, Option II) will be awarded a JOINT Certificate in Big Data and Data Analytics (Marketing Specialization) from University of California, Riverside Extension and FORE School of Management. Credits earned in 120 hours program are transferable to FORE School’s Integrated Working Manager’s Group Program leading to PGDM (Part-time).

One VERY BIG ADVANTAGE of 150-hrs program (especially for students) is that participants automatically become eligible for DIRECT ADMISSION to UCR’s famous 9-months Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program. There is no need for passing GMAT Examination; participants, however, have to qualify in English language by passing TOEFL examination. After passing PGDM, students can apply for regular jobs in USA and work there for a period of one year on Student Visa.

You may like to peruse Testimonials received by us from our participants from the Ist and second batches.

Past Batches

Spectrum of participants in our earlier two batches has been quite varied. We have had students (MBA / Engineers), Sales and Marketing Managers, Senior Management level officers from Companies/Corporations, Scientists, Market-Researchers, Academicians, Senior Officers from Govt. of India, Software Developers, Business Intelligence Professionals, Officers from World Bank and Insurance industry, HR Specialists, Quality Control experts, Environmentalists, Engineers & Technologists, and Consultants.

Our students actively participate in data science competitions on Kaggle. Kaggle is a World renowned platform for predictive modelling and analytics competitions. Companies and researchers from across the World offload their data and statisticians and data miners compete to produce the best models. It is a matter of immense satisfaction for us that some of our students have scored very highly in these competitions.


Author 1

"The vast and numerous case studies along with practical classes on how to solve the business problems helped me a lot on starting my journey. Big Data expert, Dr. Ashok Kumar Harnal knows a lot and created a module which not only covered the basics of big data but also provides a stepping stone towards advanced analytics techniques."

- Ajay Mamgain,
Senior Associates at Copal Amba
Author 2

"It was challenging and push you off your limits. It gave me an in and out experience of Data Analytics. I got to learn many software which can be used in my usual business and help me to understand and interpret data easily."

- Gautam Malhotra,
Project Coordinator at American Express
Author 3

"Excellent support from the Professors, who are very knowledgeable and very helpful. They were always ready to give us extra classes on request for any difficult topic. I also liked the exercises and projects on real data and the way they have set up their Big Data lab is beyond comparison. It is very easy for any beginner to get started. "

- Gaurav Malhotra,
Product Owner at Srijan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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