Key Features

Program has been designed mainly from the point of view of applied aspects rather than the theoretical perspective. We stress the famous cross industry standard process of knowledge discovery known by its acronym CRISP-DM; a data mining process model that data mining experts use to tackle problems. Polls conducted at KDNuggets (one of the very famous data-mining-sites) in 2002, 2004, 2007 and 2014 show that it is the leading methodology used by industry data miners and managers. Some of the key-features of the program are:

  • Lab based: Complete program is lab-oriented. Right from day one till the last day, classes are held in the lab.

  • Live Data: Participants work on live data from Industry. We remark that ours is not ‘Case Study’ conditioned data but real world data requiring forensic examination and offering many challenges to knowledge discovery process.

  • Conceptual understanding rather than mathematics behind data modeling is emphasized. This emphasis coupled with lab-practicals makes the course easy to grasp even for non-science managers.

  • Generic in nature: The techniques we teach are generic in nature. These techniques can be applied in any field. And this is the reason that our participants come from varied backgrounds.

  • Hadoop: Analytics on Hadoop is an integral part of the course. Even though today Hadoop eco-system has expanded manifold, students work with all major components of Hadoop.

  • Data Visualization: Special emphasis on Data Visualization Techniques. Among others we use Tableau and Microsoft BI—very versatile but easy to use Business Intelligence and Analytics software.