Takeaways For You

Devoid of Big Data terminology which may befuddle you, here is an illustrative list of some of the takeaways from this course:

  • How do I predict future demand for a product under a host of uncertain conditions?
  • How does one predict internal failures using thousands of measurements and tests made for each component along the assembly line?
  • How to model customer loyalty and evaluate customer life time value? Can I predict which of my customers are likely to churn?
  • What is the probability of an advertisement displayed on mobile being clicked?
  • Which online campaigns bring the most traffic to my site?
  • From online activities of some person, can I identify him across devices?
  • Can I predict a user’s demographic characteristics based on his app usage, geolocation, and mobile device properties?
  • Predict the probability of default on a consumer credit product in the next 18 months.
  • Given a dataset of 2D dashboard camera images, can I classify each car driver's behavior? Is he driving attentively, wearing his seatbelt, or is distracted (for example, taking a selfie with his friends in the backseat)?
  • Visualize what people click on most on my web-portal and what is my top content? Identify which are my worst performing pages?
  • How do I analyze sentiments on Social Media or twitter or FB?
  • How do I improve customer satisfaction by recommending next best actions?
  • Which customers should a bank target for marketing campaigns of a financial product?
  • How do I identify primary influencers within specific social network channels?
  • I have bulky web-logs. How do I use them for customer profiling? Or for customer behavior analysis? Or for predicting my overall sales in next 4 weeks?
  • Catalog marketing: Making sure that expenses are paying off in sales.
  • How do I model supplier behavior? Can I make predictions as to what would be a supplier quote for a particular automobile part?
  • Given weather, location, testing, and spraying data, can I predict when and where different species of mosquitos will test positive for West Nile virus?