C. Customer Relationship Management Analytics

Learning outcomes:

  • Ability to interpret various customer metrics, such as, Customer Life Time Value, Satisfaction Index, and Customer profitability.
  • Understand strategic implications of customer valuations, cost, revenue and profit.
  • To be able to develop strategies for customer acquisition and retention/attrition based on deeper customer data and insights.
  • Develop marketing strategies based on insights from customer analytics.

Course Objectives:

  • To offer an understanding of customer relationship management and its growing importance in the current business logic,
  • To integrate understanding of such items as customer service, customer delight, relationship building, information technology and a memorable buying experience,
  • To develop an understanding of customer analytics and its implementation through IT and relationship building.
  • To analyze CRM strategies and approaches practiced by corporations in India and overseas.

Brief Course Contents

Introduction and CRM’s value proposition; CRM Framework; Closed Loop Marketing; Customer Profitability; CRM in Customer Service and Customer Experience; Customerization; The Customer’s Definition of Value; Developing Consumer Relationships in Consumer Goods Markets; Key Account and National Account Management Programme; Life Time Value Management; Customer Satisfaction Index; AAI CSI Questionnaire discussion Group wise; Customer Acquisition; Customer Loyalty and Retention; Customer as Co-producer; Analytical CRM and Functionalities; CRM Implementation Roadmap (CRM and ERP).